The Door and the Doormaker

I was in the middle of one of my genius moves several years ago. I had removed the casing from the outside of these windows on an historic home in Tampa, working away on this couple’s windows thinking I was so smart. I took almost the entire window apart to get the sashes out so I could fix them, paint them and put them back in so that they were functional again. I was probably a good two weeks in when I realized I kept seeing the same little cutouts in every window jamb we did. At first it didn’t mean anything to me, but with every window we opened up from the outside, I saw what became clear to me - these were little doors.

See the access doors? Yes, I did too.


These were little doors and my ultimate epiphany was that I was doing these windows all wrong. Why would there be a little door there? Decoration? There was a little slotted screw at the top and another one at the bottom that held it in place and when I removed the screws, the door came off, kinda like how the battery door comes off the remote or garage door clicker when you remove that little screw - same concept.

Why was that little door there? Because once upon a time there was a worker who thought enough of me to put it there. That little door, and her creator - the Doormaker, once taken for granted by the masses of those who worked with their hands, instantly became my teacher as I studied why the door would be there in the first place.

Watch the video of me doing it wrong, when I "knew about window restoration" - here