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Resident Artisan, Israel M.

Mentors, Methods & Makers

window craft courses for all skill levels

Classes & Apprenticeships

We offer classes on historic wood window preservation, whether your business is looking to master the skill, or you just want to be a better steward of your home.

Volunteer Your Home

We qualify property owners with the highly-skilled artisans we train to help make restoration a priority and tradition in our communities.

2024 Course Schedule

window craft courses for all skill levels

Total Window Makeover

San Antonio: January 15-19
TAMPA: December 18-22, February 12-16

Learn the basic skillsets needed to restore all the elements of an historic wood window in five days. Course includes the Mechanical Makeover, the Sash Makeover and Frame Makeover.

Intro to Sash Making

San Antonio: March 18-22

Learn the basic skillsets necessary to build an authentic turn of the century window sash in five days. Course includes basic mortise and tenon screen frames, offset mortise and tenon storm windows, cope and stick joinery casement sash, double hung sash and divided line sash.

With a passion for making and restoring historic windows, I specialize in teaching the craft of historic wood window preservation in a way that’s accessible for everyone from homeowners to professional carpenters in my School of Window Craft.

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Build a Team

Build a Future Restoring the Past

Our Expert Artisan Program is designed to make you go from an interested participant to skilled artisan. Craft yourself a fulfilling & lifelong career.

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Building Our Future

We consider long-term solutions that focus on sustainability, durability and quality as crucially important to combat the race for short-term gains and planned obsolescence through more plastic and landfill. We also recognize the power of dedication to craft, and want to be champions of that culture. We seek those who have the desire to learn alongside their peers and celebrate each other’s success. That’s why it’s our mission to educate others through our School of Window Craft and create an Artisan Army to handle the need of our communities.