I Have To Sell This Job

I have an appointment to save some windows tomorrow, and it’s my job to get the job. The client lives in a neighborhood where everyone is in the mood to replace them, and it shows. The pressure to conform is great. She desperately does not want to capitulate, and its my job to help her.

I have to find a way to give her what she needs without breaking the bank, yet make enough money to feed my family and continue to grow my business.

My plan right now is to show up fully loaded. My dad taught me that when I am out hunting to get a job, take my tools with me. I got my first job framing houses that way. I am going to walk up and not just have a solution to the problem, I am going to be the solution to the problem, offering so much value, that by the end of the day, I am the only option because it makes so much sense.

So much is at stake. If I do not get this job, this house will fall into the hands of the corporate window giant, who could actually care less about these people and about their home. Corporate window giants are like insurance companies who do anything to convince you they want to help you, then when you actually have a need, offer you peanuts and laugh in your face. Surely you won’t challenge them. You are a peon. They are a corporate window giant.

The corporate window giants want to sell you planned obsolescence. I want to sell perpetual serviceability and a product so good that I can be proud of it, promote it, yell about it. They want to sell you and hook you up to their machine. I want you to partner with a person.

So wish me luck, not just for my benefit, but to benefit the client and the entire Artisan Army. See you soon.