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Preservation and restoration is a
passion and a responsibility.

Historic wood windows were built with a lifetime in mind. Yet because of changes in our culture and an absence of skilled labor, they are decaying and being discarded at an alarming rate.

Addressing this problem, Steve created the Lifetime Sash to last another hundred years. He now offers his handmade sash to the general public, whether homeowner, do-it-yourselfer, subcontractor or contractor, and guarantees them for life.

Your historic windows lasted one lifetime.

We can make them last another.


Steve Quillian

CEO & Craftsman

Steve founded Wood Window Makeover in 2006. His passion and vision for community, connection, historic preservation and excellence in craftsmanship has been a catalyst for homeowners and historical organizations to connect and preserve.

He started the annual Historical Homes Workshop to teach and inspire others to passionately and responsibly preserve and connect.

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Preservation and restoration is a passion and a responsibility.

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We are led by a strong purpose to preserve the story and cultural legacy of Tampa Bay and other  communities around the Nation.

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We restore more than windows – we are restoring faith in true hands-on-work.

Wood Window Makeover proudly serves the Tampa Bay community, the entire state of Florida and clients nationwide.  We serve the window restoration industry by repairing, restoring, and replicating historic windows and all their associated parts for a variety of people and organizations. Craftsman Steve Quillian and the team of expert carpenters, painters, and other specialists are dedicated to the accurate preservation of your old building’s most valuable assets.

We are the only historic wood window restoration company offering Lifetime Sash. Our patented materials allow us to guarantee your new sash for the life of your home or building.