Once a Flip Always a Flip

So, our next job is one that sprung on us in an unlikely way. A man in St. Petersburg hired us to re-glaze his historic windows and make storm windows for them. Easy enough. One thing about old windows is that they emerged to actually work really well with the house - with the structure as a whole. They do their job very well. That job? Keeping the outside outside and the inside inside.

Tragedy occurs when a person makes something that looks like a window and puts it in a place where a window would normally be, without understanding all the functions a window is supposed to serve. Does it look like a window? Yes. But does it perform as it evolved to perform? That’s the question to ask. What happens if it doesn’t perform? It’s merely a façade.

That’s what happened to us on this job here. Someone’s truth became manifest. Someone showed up to run the marathon but crapped out after only going a mile, just far enough away that nobody at the starting line could see him.

We knew going into the project that someone before us had reworked all the windows. We were re-glazing and repainting to make sure their work remained solid. They made some sashes and they did a pretty good job at that. I recognized the patterns and the set ups they used to make them, having used them myself in the past. True mortise and tenon joinery – I was impressed.