No matter the level of skill one brings to the table, these courses provide a valuable way to increase knowledge and competency in historic wood window preservation.

School of Window Craft

The Total Window Makeover Series

window craft courses for all skill levels

Offered through the Living Heritage Trades Academy in San Antonio.

The mission of the Living Heritage Trades Academy (LHTA) is to create opportunities for all to perpetuate traditional skills and crafts; to conserve and maintain existing building stock and materials; and to leverage living heritage for economic prosperity in San Antonio and beyond. Through fellowship and collaboration with neighborhoods, community, and education partners, the program will work to eliminate barriers to attaining training to anyone interested.

The Wood Window Restoration course is part of the LHTA workforce development program. Most of the students attending are attending at no cost as they reside in Bexar County and meet eligibility criteria. When space is available, we can enroll students for the 5-day course for a donation fee. The donation collected is meant to recover the cost for the course only. Any fees collected go back into the LHTA program to support future trainings.

If you are interested in attending the course scan this QR code and complete the form. You can also access the form and additional information at the LHTA website.

Apprenticeship Program

Long-Term Programs for Resident Artisans

This fascinating course provides an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to professionally restore historic wood windows and create a successful career in the process. Participants learn how to identify and select appropriate materials, assess damage, repair existing fixtures, and craft new windows. Additionally, they will become familiar with regulations regarding window restoration, best practices for installation, design tips for improved energy efficiency, and business operations needed to sustain a fulfilling career in this field.

Complete the form below, and we’ll send you more information on what you can expect from a School of Window Craft apprenticeship.

Community events

October 20-22, 2023

Historic Homes Workshop

Join us at our in-person Historic Homes Workshop—a must-attend event for all historic home owners, artisans, and preservation enthusiasts.