Centro Espanol Radiused Transoms Being Restored

Updated: Jun 26

Some work you have to ease into. These radiused transoms from the Centro Espanol building in West Tampa exemplify that statement.

Like any unfamiliar path, you have to watch your footing, calculate your steps, especially where the terrain looks steep and challenging. Only after you’ve been back and forth down the path several times, does any sense of ease emerge.

They are almost five feet high, are over five feet wide and have 17 panes of glass. Eight of those panes form a multi colored circle that distinguish the Centro Espanol from any other building in Tampa.

There are fourteen of them, but we only removed four to begin with. Steve spent several days deconstructing what could well be the worst of the bunch, deciding whether to repair or build new. He decided at least on the one, to build new.

One has made it all the way through the repair process, has been reglazed and is awaiting paint. Steve has almost completed his first of what could be two or three new builds. It’s pretty impressive To watch come together, even for Steve.

There are pictures of our progress below.