Wood Window Overhaul Works Best Cyclically, Like Singing Rounds

Updated: Jun 26

(First published Sept, 2020)

How is singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat like an Artisan Army working on windows??

Singers who know and understand not only the song, but music in general, can sing in rounds by joining in at designated intervals to create a chorus and symphony of sound that enhances the music and the quality of the performance.

Artisans who know and understand the key concepts of Archetypal Window Craft that we teach at the Wood Window Museum, can work the same way, joining in at designated intervals to combine their movements in a way that enhances both the project execution and quality of the performance.

Singing Rounds

Singing a song in rounds works like this. A person known as the Leader begins the song and sets the tempo, perhaps singing the verse in its entirety and starting over. A second person, known as a Follower, joins the song at precisely the right moment to add to the song’s complexity and beauty. <