The Ropes of the Mechanical Makeover

Before a window is painted, a sash is reglazed, a sill is repaired, an Artisan will perform a Mechanical Makeover and during this operation - change the balance system ropes. This is because the Artisan knows that the shortest path to any window maintenance or repair lies not just within the window’s functionality, but in the ability the take the window apart and put it back together quickly.

Preservation Carpenter Amanda Warren changing the ropes at the historic May-Stringer House Museum in Brooksville, FL during the 2018 Historic Homes Workshop

Have you seen new windows with the selling point that allows the consumer to clean the windows by tilting the sash inside the house? That’s not a new window innovation, but rather an innovation borrowed from the historic double hung window, which, when set up correctly allows the sash to be removed in just a minute or two.

This is knowledge that lost to most of the American population, as illustrated by the following conversation.

Client calls the Window Restoration Artisan because of some window problems.