The Archetypal Window - An American Success Story…

Updated: Jun 26

South Tampa historic wood windows
The Leimon House in South Tampa, retaining it's original character by retaining it's archetypal windows

It was an archetypal time, unlike any other in history. The land of opportunity had reached its full stride. There was an ‘unending’ supply of raw materials, huge advances in technology, and a spirit of hope. America was thriving.

The homes of this archetypal time continue to capture the imagination of America. Historic neighborhoods with bungalows, like the Craftsman, Foursquare, and Mediterranean are the neighborhoods we imagine when we think of what America is.

In the preceding centuries, humans had been searching for the best, most practical way to build a shelter, one which would keep the elements out, keep them safe, and be somewhere they could call home. These building innovations that had occurred over thousands of years collided in this archetypal time to produce the classic historic homes we love today. Millions of these homes were built, creating archetypal neighborhoods from Seattle to San Francisco, New York to Miami. For windows, builders turned to what is now known as the Archetypal Wood Double-Hung Window.

The Leiman House in South Tampa, Florida when it was first completed

Born out of 1000's of years of innovation, refinement, trial and error, and already having grown up in buildings across Europe, the double-hung window reached its maturity and became THE window of America.