So You Want To Go Into The Window Business...

Updated: Jul 5

The business is so simple, yet so complex. Any complexities with the windows have all been removed, making the windows so simple to work on, yet finding the simple tools, materials and supplies to do so can be so very complex. Try going to the home store to get the, mandated by law, HEPA vac. Router bits to make parts are intentionally engineered just a little off so what you make is a little off as well. The readily available glazing compound makes it near impossible to to make any progress.

It's just a sash. It goes up and down, swings like a door, tilts up from the top, opens side to side. How hard could it be? Yet the house that give the sash it's context is anything but simple. The house is crooked, gently crooked. This sash fits this opening, not that opening. The hinges of this casement are keyed to this particular window. Take all the hinges off and rearrange them after I clean them? Now the windows don't work like they did. This window is painted. That window is stained. The other window has paint over what used to be stain, and the window in the other room wasn't ever stained, it was painted from the beginning, yet the client wants everything stained - a light color.

This house has simple one over ones, that house has six over sixes and the former sleeping porch has four over ones mounted in jambs borrowed from the house next door and the trim isn't on right. The attic? Up there in the gable facing the street on the south side is a nice diamond lite with extreme sun damage - the muntin profile is almost gone. In the back of the attic is a sash where the squirrels were trapped and tried to chew their way out.