How To Escape Client Judgment

Updated: Jun 26

I've always been passionate about how Client Care/Job Setup/Organizing the Work Beginning and End should be conducted. This is nothing new. All my long time employees know this. I even have old videos about it that were made years ago. I'll post one of those videos below. It is called, "Beat Your Client To The Punch."

Protect yourself from unnecessary client judgment. Everyone says they aren’t judgmental, but it isn’t true. Clients are very judgmental, and rightfully so, they are paying us. I wonder if the client ever wonders if our personal presence aligns with what they see online? Of course they do! They are comparing us not only with that, but with the last contractor they hired, hoping we aren't like them, but secretly bracing themselves....

There are a number of lists below, but don’t think of it as exhaustive. Think of it as don’t be an ignorant, knuckleheaded, thoughtless person who doesn’t realize the importance of taking care of people and their stuff. When you are in someone’s home or place of business - you are entering their world. Do not force your world on them. Adapt to theirs.

Initial client protection.