How to Clean Up on a Jobsite - 10 Lessons

Updated: Jun 26

I didn’t listen to everything my dad told me, but I did listen about how to get a job. He told me to always have my tools with me on my truck so I could start immediately wherever I asked for work. Show up ready to go right then. So that's what I did.

I had just finished installing some shelves for a client when I saw a crew framing a house. I had worked under master carpenters before, helping with high end trim, cabinets and doors. Like magicians they always knew where the studs were. This was my chance to learn their sorcery.

I gathered my tool bags, circular saw and an extension cord and walked up to find the guy in charge. The guy running the job was named Earl, and he hired me for $5 an hour. He had a crew of four or five people.