Fitting Day for Fitting Storm Windows

Because there aren’t any thunder storms lol! Its the big secret window replacement companies don’t want you to know. Why? They make replacement windows practically unnecessary. Why? Here are a few reasons.

  1. They are the original double paned glass. Where do you think replacement window companies got the idea?

  2. They are excellent at regulating interior temperatures. Adding a second layer of glass to your historic windows creates an insulated air pocket bigger than you could ever get with a replacement.

  3. They are excellent for sound control. Our current client bought the ones we are installing today because they deaden sound.

  4. They add security. These storms we’re fitting today will have laminated safety glass - the same kind of glass that’s in your car’s windshield. Both hurricanes and burglars will be frustrated trying to get into your house through the storm windows.

  5. They add curb appeal. This historic house had an early addition put on and the windows aren’t the same. We are making the storm windows so that they copy the original style and tie everything together.

  6. They are authentic. Your historic home’s windows were designed for these. When you upgrade to our storms, you are upgrading to what should have been there all along.

  7. They last a lifetime. Made with 100% all natural Accoya wood, they are guaranteed not to succumb to rot or insect infestation for 50 years. That's amazing.