Dedicated Tenoning Station

A dedicated tenoning station was one of first of my dedicated tool assemblies. The need arose out the delays inherent in changing set ups.

If you only have one table saw, that’s fine. That’s where everyone starts anyway. And if you are a hobbyist and efficiency isn’t an issue, keep going as you are. But if your time is valuable consider the following...

The time you save changing and dialing in your set ups will more than pay for a second table saw.

I really like the DeWalt line of saws. I’ve tried all the others and they are fine (except the Ryobi - that one is crazy shaky). But the advantage the DeWalt has over all the others is the rack and pinion fence. when you lock it down, it’s not going to go anywhere. I have a Bosch table saw that’s fine for general use, but because the fence has some give to it, the Bosch can’t give you the accuracy the DeWalt can. The DeWalt gives you consistent smoothness and accurate cuts time and time again.

Dedicated Tenoning Set Up Complete with Dado and Sled

You’ll want to make a sled for it. I made a video for that. You’ll also want to mount a Dado blade in it. Here’s a picture.