Dedicated Sash Making Set Ups

Updated: Jun 26

What tools will I need to make a sash? As few as possible. The idea is to be as productive as possible in as little space and as little time as possible. A long time ago someone challenged me to fit my window making set up into a 10' x 10' square, and I did exactly that. That was the year I fit the the entire set up into the back of my SUV and drove up to St. Clairesville, Ohio for the annual Preservation Trades Network workshop to show it off and teach people how to make sash.

Entire sash making set up in the back of my SUV

Right away I want you to think in terms of dedicated set ups. A dedicated setup is a set of tools dedicated to one activity. Wise carpenters have dedicated chisels that they only bust out for a particular job. Let your window making set ups be dedicated in the same way.

Set up a saw for tenoning and dedicate it. Leave it that way. Instead of breaking it down and setting it up for another task, get another table saw for the next task and dedicate it too.

These are the sash making dedicated set ups. They are:

The Blank Making Set Up.

The blank making set up is a circular saw, a jointer, a planer, a table saw and a miter saw. This set up is dedicated to milling what I call blanks. Blanks are the properly sized window components that are exactly the right thickness, width and length, before any joinery is applied to them. The joinery set ups are described below.