An Unorthodox Faith and a Business Crippled By Imposter Syndrome

Ownership. What does it really mean to own a business? What does it really mean to own anything for that matter? Yes I started it. Yes, the rights to it are mine. But what if you feel as though you don’t own it? What if your actions somehow betray, give away what’s really happening in your mind? Won’t your decision somehow be affected by your lack of ownership? It’s one thing to have the rights to something, quite another to own it.

For too long I secretly wished that someone would come in and guide me, guide my actions toward my business, feeling deep inside that somehow my actions, my thoughts, my beliefs, were somehow not good enough, not right enough, were inferior, not strong enough - that someone else would come in and do a better job. I prayed continually that a “better person“ would come along, someone I myself could follow, someone who could step in and I could assist, someone else who would be responsible for the outcomes, for the decisions.

Does anyone else ever feel that way? Like they merely were set in a position of leadership only temporarily at best until the “real“ leader arrived?

I definitely feel that way, and when I dwell on it, feeling that way doesn’t make any sense. But more and more I’m beginning to understand that the feeling I have is just that – a feeling, and that feeling might not be in alignment with reality at all.