Museum Workshops Get Underway

It was a perfect day in Tampa last Friday for our SOLD OUT First Friday Workshop. We had the best bunch of folks – who came from as far away as Charleston – join us to learn the basics of wood window restoration.

We love nothing more than sharing our knowledge and passion about wood windows. This awesome group came armed with tons of interesting and challenging questions, which gave us the perfect opportunity to test out our new Wood Window Museum teaching space.

Each Frist Friday session is slightly different – tailored to the needs of that particular group and what they might be working on. But we always start with the mechanical makeover – freeing up the sash, so they can be worked on and repaired. You can learn more about our mechanical makeovers on our YouTube channel – or by coming to our next workshop.

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For this session we crammed in as many lessons as possible – we even made time to teach about the various techniques to remove glass from old sash (including steaming sash!)

Glass cutting is one of those activities that always feels slightly dangerous, and done correctly, it’s a skill that’s so simple once you know how. Learning how to properly hold and wield Fletcher glass cutters makes the task totally achievable in a home setting.

Lastly we wrapped up the session with a glazing demo (using Sarco Putty of course), so that the group would leave knowing how to get their glass back into their sash.

It’s always such a buzz having people here at our museum – seeing the community growing – and feeling like we’re making a difference. We’d love to have you join us! Let us know if there are any particular aspects of window craft you’d love to learn. We’ll make it happen!

Special thanks to Gil Williams for his amazing photography! We are so grateful to him and his talents! You can find out more about Gil here.