Museum – Phase 2

We made a commitment long ago to share our knowledge and passion for historic windows with as many people as possible. And our Wood Window Museum shouts about that mission.

Phase 1 of our museum opened in the Fall. We’ve had loads of visitors – and learned how to run a museum along the way! And now we’re super excited to start building out phase 2.

Phase 2 of our museum is going to be a labor of love – we have so many stories to tell! But first off we needed to get the space cleaned up and ready to house our exhibits.

It’s intimidating to look at a big old warehouse space, filled with dust and holes, and try to visualize what it could be. Jake, our designer, could see it clearly. He took the space and removed all the clutter – every useless wire / pipe / patch of wood – years of accumulated junk!

And then we started building it back again. We’ve painted all the walls and floors, made repairs, and now we have an amazing clear space to build our museum from.

Best of all, today was First Friday – so we got to try out the space. We had 11 lovely people spend the day with us to learn all the basics of window restoration. We’ll write about First Friday in another post, but needless to say, the new space made a huge difference to the experience!

And now we keep building – the space is light, airy, and a lovely place to be. Now we’ll start building the exhibits. Keep checking in to see our progress…