• Lynda

We don't do doors... except when we do ;)

Updated: Jun 26

Our work on West Tampa's Centro Espanol building continues this week. We've moved onto the second floor - and these amazing door units, with beautiful 16 Lite radius windows above.

We'll get to the radius windows next week, but this week is all about the doors. We normally tell people we don't do doors, but secretly we are very good at it. Of course, they are not too dissimilar to the sash we make every day - mortise and tenon joinery, glass, glazing, hardware - but doors require a different set up, a revised process, and a lot more space!

Every time we set out on a new project, we look for opportunities to learn, to teach, and to grow. Our team could just crank out these doors and move onto the next project, but where's the growth in that?

These doors have become the perfect training ground for 2 of our guys to learn the entire process of making a door (in fact making 28 doors!) And they've risen to the occasion brilliantly.