Innate Perpetuality

Updated: Jun 26

A hut someone built to survive. They hope it will stay up for as long as possible.

Do you ever watch the TV show Survivor where they throw a bunch of people into a wilderness to compete in various challenges? Yet before any of the games, one of the first things the contestants do is make a hut. What kind of hut do they make? The best they can come up with with the tools and materials they have available at the time. Even in competition with one another, they don't intentionally sabotage their shelter, build it so that it fails. Building a shelter is hard. They don't want to do it again. If what they do fails, they work to eliminate their failure points. Why? Because they have other things they want to do! The better they make their hut, the more they can concentrate on other things.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the phrase, “planned obsolescence.” If you aren’t, then surely you’ve experienced an item going bad just after the warranty expires. Your refrigerator, phone, car…. That’s planned obsolescence. It’s intentional sabotage. We just bought another planned obsolescence kitchen trash can - the kind with the foot pedal to lift the lid, that wears out and breaks? We've bought expensive ones, middle priced ones, cheap ones and lid always wears out. So we went with the cheap one this time.