Small Complex Jobs - Maneuvering the Labyrinth and Taming the Dragon

Updated: Jun 26

Small jobs require superior planning and execution to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth and consumed by a dragon.
Minotaur Waiting in the Center of the Labyrinth

I went to look at a small, complex project the other day in an historic Tampa neighborhood called Hyde Park. The house stood out from all the others because of a particular style of window, something I would notice.

The windows were archetypal, a mixture of both the double hung and casement styles with a unique nine over one pattern- one large diamond surrounded by eight small triangles The bottom sash of the double hung set was a single lite with a large, single piece of glass, a nice contrast to the decorative assembly above it. The casement sash reflected the same design, only the pattern was contained within one large sash - making it a ten lite. Ingeniously simple and attractive, the nameless architect who first sketched the pattern was iconic.