Introduce Yourself To Your Own Incompetence

Updated: Jun 26

There is a reason you fail at work. You don’t even know what work is.

I was a stoned and incompetent, guitar playing, drop out of a 16 year old when I volunteered to fight a brutal monster called work. I had been a dishwasher and a pizza flipper already, but this was a real descent into hell. This was foundation repair. I unwittingly signed up to dig postholes under a house to make concrete footings to repair a foundation.

Anytime you try something new, you are going to break yourself against the reality of everything you are not. Let that sink in.

Your Self Image

When you picture yourself digging a hole, you are standing up straight in your overalls, gloves and straw hat on a nice cool day, clouds in the sky, nice breeze, posed elegantly with a long handled spade. There might be, blurred out in the background, an oversized umbrella over top of a collapsible table and chair, tall glass of icy lemonade to quench your thirst. Clouds are in the sky, a gentle breeze blows by. Your body weight gently presses the blade into a moist and supple earth like a hot spoon into partially thawed ice cream.

This is not that. This is anything but.

Your Self Image Vs. The Truth