WWM Back Story With Brutal Beginnings

Updated: Jun 26

I never would have called myself a Craftsman back then. I'd just become comfortable calling myself a carpenter, even though by then I'd done more as a carpenter than most carpenters ever would in a lifetime.

I didn't know who I was back then or what I would become. Had no idea of my potential or what would come out of this little flyer.

I left carpentry in the 90s to pursue a life in the ministry. Perhaps it was the doubt in my calling that kept me from selling my tools when I went away to school. Perhaps it was divine intervention that kept me from selling my tools when I stepped into the pulpit. Either way, the tools were never for sale.

Going into the ministry was probably most traumatic period of my life to date. Everyday was a battle for my soul. There was no way to know I joined the wrong group of people. I did not believe anything they believed. I walked my own path and hid it from everybody. None of my sermons said what I really thought. If anyone knew what I really believed, if the leadership found me out, they'd would throw me out. Finally, when I managed the nerve to speak my actual mind, the leadership threw me out.