A Total Window Makeover in a 1920's Home

Updated: Jun 26

There are three components of a Total Window Makeover because there are three components that make up an historic window. They are the sash, the frame and the mechanics.

The Sash is the functional part of the window that holds the glass and either slides up and down on tracks, or hinges open and closed like a door. The Frame is the structural part of the window that holds the sash in place and frames out the actual hole in the wall. The Mechanics is the hardware that holds the sash and frame together while giving it functionality.

The SASH—encases the glass.

The FRAME—encases the sash.

The MECHANICS—joins the sash and frame.

The Sash Makeover restores the sash and ensures the relationships between the wood, paint, putty and glass are sealed. The Frame Makeover restores the frame and ensures a stable and protected frame to encase the sash. The Mechanical Makeover focuses on the functionality of the sash and frame together. All three components work together to form a Total Window Makeover.