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1882 Italianate


1882 Italianate

Hyde Park

Tampa Bay • FL


April 2014


Project Scope

  • Restore and refinish original 1-over-1 double hung windows with original glass

  • Fully restore all hardware, locks and recessed lifts

  • Polish the original glass on all windows

  • Build casement windows to replace plate glass windows

  • Build storm windows




At A Glance

Failing paint and glazing, rotten wood and lack of energy efficiency

The windows are handmade, complete with dovetail joinery at the corners.

Number of Windows: 19

Project Goal:
Restore windows to their original glory.

Save original wavy glass to preserve the look and originality of this old house.

Update the porch windows from plate glass to beautiful casement windows.

Improve energy efficiency and prolong window life by adding storm windows

Interesting Fact:
This beautiful home is Historic Hyde Park’s oldest house, built in 1882.

Wood Window Makeover is an excellent family run company. We own a 110+ year old historic home in Tampa, and I was eager to pull all the windows out and replace them with ‘functioning’ ones as ours were all caked shut with years of paint! We started out slowly by having Wood Window restore only the front facing windows. We were so impressed with how they restored the front windows that we proceeded with them restoring all the windows around our house. They also made screens for all our windows – which were not even present when we bought the house. We cannot say enough about their knowledge and craftsmanship. We would highly recommend their services to anyone who is serious about restoring and preserving their old windows!

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